Wildcat Cue Sports
is a Monday night In-House BCA eight ball league. We play on Diamond Smart Tables out of Pockets Pool & Pub in Tucson, Arizona.

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Abby 02/05/19
There is no rule on our Monday night league regarding slow play, but there is a rule that can be enforced at Nationals. I have heard referees encourage other players and have been encouraged myself, as a player, to report slow play so that the matches don't get too far behind. I have experienced as much as an hour delay in a match start time. As many issues as we had on Mondays with late nights, may be worth keeping this rule in mind. Also heard complaints regarding slow play from players in the State tourney at the Casino - another reason to be aware of slow play. Here is part of the rule: 1-15 Shot Clock Procedures 1. There is normally no time limit for you to take a shot. However, a referee may implement a shot clock if they judge that you are delaying a match unnecessarily or in an unsportsmanlike manner, or if event officials require that a match proceed at a faster pace. (AR p. 84, 107) 2. You may call a referee if you believe your opponent is deliberately or consistently playing at an abnormally slow pace. If, after a reasonable period of observation, the referee judges that slow play is occurring, they will warn the offending player(s). After the warning, if the referee judges that the pace of play remains abnormally slow, they will place the player(s)on a 45-second shot clock.

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