Wildcat Cue Sports
is a Monday night In-House BCA eight ball league. We play on Diamond Smart Tables out of Pockets Pool & Pub in Tucson, Arizona.

Birthdays This Month
10/13 - Adam Retzer
10/15 - Ron Bondy
10/22 - Tova Trowbridge
10/26 - Rayna Green
10/27 - Scott Vogelsberg

Keith Nickerson Custom Cues
Pockets Pool & Pub

Wildcat Cue Sports
    We have had quite a few new people join the league this year, so I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as our returning players have for the past several years.

    Wildcat Cue Sports is not operated as a cash league, but rather a league that allows all teams the opportunity to participate in the BCAPL National Championships. The annual BCAPL National Championships are held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, toward the end of each July. This past July, we had 11 teams in Vegas and while the competition is tough, I think everyone had a good time, as always.

    At the beginning of each season I will set a shooting fee based on the number of teams, and weeks of play so as put enough money in the fund to pay team entry fees to Vegas, with a little to spare. Any extra money left after paying team entry fees will be divided up equally amongst the teams that are in Vegas.

    Even though this is not a cash league, there are some Top $hot cash prizes to be won. $700.00 is set aside to pay Top $hot, which is divided up and paid to six individual players. There are two categories that gives everyone a chance to win. Learn more about that here on the website under the Stats menu.

    The website is updated weekly. The following files are uploaded every Tuesday morning, usually before noon.
  Team Standings
  Player Stats
  Top $hot
  Individual Matchups

    I will be sending in FargoRate scores every few weeks. I know some of you do not have a Fargo rating, so not to worry, I'll get you set up with a rating and Fargo ID as soon as possible.

    League play begins September 11th, so I will be looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Keith Nickerson