Keith Nickerson01/16/20
2020 CSI Arizona State Champions
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Keith Nickerson01/01/20

  After the completion of the session we are currently playing, I will be running a cash session as we did last year. Teams need to think of this as a tournament that runs over the course of several weeks. Entry fees will not be required in advance, but all teams that start the session will be required to finish and be responsible for payment in full. Dropping out before the completion of the session will not be an option.

Entry Fee: The entry fee will be based on $40 per week per team, times the number of weeks. Number of weeks is dependent upon the number of teams. There will be a minimum of one full round robin and possibly more, again depending on the number of entries.

Pay-outs: Pay-outs will be no less than 25% and no more that 50% of the field.

Team Rosters: It would be preferred that teams play with the same roster as it had for the first session. However, if not all players want to participate from one or more teams, combining players from different teams to complete a roster of at least five is acceptable (Hardship Rule). Adding current House Subs to a team roster will also allowed. Combining teams just to make one strong team will not be allowed. If necessary, I'll put together a committee of fair minded people to help make decisions on that ruling. New players from outside the league may be added to a roster, but must pay their BCAPL sanction fee of $15 before playing any games. Once a team has started their first game, rosters will be frozen and may not be modified.

Team Handicaps: To give all teams a chance of winning, team handicaps will be calculated just as we have been doing at 1.8 %.

Player Ratings: Players will start with the same rating they had at the completion of the current session. New players to the league will start as a 9.0. To prevent drastic fluctuations in player ratings in the beginning, everyone will start with their current rating, calculated over a 15 game base.

Subs: Subs will not be allowed. Only players rostered to that team will be eligible to play. So, be sure you have enough players before the session starts to prevent ever having to play short.

Byes: If needed, byes will be scored at 200 points.

Forfeits: Forfeited games will be scored as 10-0 .

Playing Through: Players will not be allowed to play through any of their rounds. All players must play their games in the order that they are listed on the score sheet. Please do not put your opposing team captain on the spot by asking to do so. It wouldn't be fair to that captain or anyone else on his/her team.

    I'm starting a team list now, so please let me know by email or text if your team would like to play. Please include your team name and a full list of players. Late January or early February is the projected start date.

    If you are a current House Sub, or someone that has never played before (anyone on this mailing list), please let me know so that I can help you get on a team or possibly form a new team.

    Games will be played at Pockets Pool & Pub on Monday nights, starting at 7:00 pm.

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