Keith Nickerson03/08/18
Cash Session Signups as I currently have them.

S.V. Road Crew
Tony Whiting
Mario Marron
Adam Retzer
Gil Leon
Brian McIntyre
Aaron Ohara

Keith Nickerson
Tim Christopher
Johnny Dearmore
Al Gaudett
Scott Marcum
Jerry Wilcox

Lot Of Bottom
Joe Eros
Donald Reid
Jim Bentley
Steve Adams
Joe Holben

No Balls Required
Terri Adams
Tammy Holben
Tova Trowbridge
Kristina Flaherty
Abby Bentley
Tracey Elliott

Keith Nickerson02/22/18
If anyone has noticed a change in your Fargo rating, it could be because I sent scores into FargoRate last week, that included everything up through 02/12/18. I have also noticed an increase in my robustness, which makes me think they must have run scores from the AZ State Championships at Casino del Sol in the last day or so as well.

Keith Nickerson12/20/17
Tournament Results
December 18, 2017

With some late cancellations, we had only 12 players for the last holiday tournament of the year.

1st - $42 Ronnie Kidd
2nd - $25 Al Gaudett
3rd - $17 Johnny Dearmore

Keith Nickerson12/12/17
Tournament Results
December 11th

1st - $50 Ronnie Kidd
2nd - $34 Johnny Dearmore
3rd - $17 Terri Adams
4th - $11 Scott Marcum
5th-6th - Kurt Perrigo
5th-6th - Don Reid
7th-8th - Abby Bentley
7th-8th - Al Gaudett

Keith Nickerson12/08/17
Tournament Results
December 4th

1st - $50 Andy Moreno
2nd - $34 Abby Bentley
3rd - $17 Kurt Perrigo
4th - $11 Roger Brillon
5th-6th - Terri Adams
5th-6th - Scott Vogelsberg
7th-8th - Steve Adams
7th-8th - Jim Bentley

Abby 11/15/17
Our team can play either day.

Craig Carmichael10/31/17
Mike Benjamin has started working out of town. We want get him qualified for the Vegas tournament. He needs 8 weeks of league play. He needs two more weeks to qualify. Keith has agreed to allowing our team to play our matches on the Saturday/Sunday before our weekly match. Can any team play us to help? Please call 520-204-4504.

Keith Nickerson10/30/17
This is a bulletin board that I have set up to be used by anyone that wants to post to it. If you're looking for a player, lost or found items, or anything else that you want people to know about, go ahead and post it here. Rules, questions, complaints, or whatever can be discussed here as well. 🎱